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What's New For 2017

  • Expiration Dates for Trades
    All Trades will not have Expiration dates.

  • Custom Categories for Real Time Box Scores
    You will be able to select custom categories for the Real Time Box Page.

What We Added in 2012

  • Added 2 new Scoring Categories

What We Added in 2011

  • Added 4 Scoring Categories

  • Created a system for divisions for Non-HTH Leauges

What We Added in 2010

  • Larger Player Pool
    Our player pool includes 3x as many players as last year, including almost every minor leaguer.

  • The Ability to Limit Free Agent Lists to Players on MLB Rosters
    Leagues can now limit free agent lists so only players on MLB 40-man rosters are displayed.

  • More Accurate Stats
    We are using a new stats feed process to improve several aspects of our system.

  • Improved Player Stats/Team Stats page
    We added the ability to customize the stats on the Player Stats/Team Stats page.
    Players are separated into players currently on the fantasy roster and players no longer on the fantasy roster.

  • Commissioners Can Create Permanent Position Overrides for Players
    Commissioners can create a list of players that are allowed at certain lineup positions that normally aren't allowed in our system. This allows team owners to set their lineups without running into problems.

  • Updated Player Pages
    The look of the player pages has been updated.
    The latest news update for a player now appears closer to the top of the page.

  • Updated Free Agent Page
    The look of the free agent page has been updated in an attempt to make it easier to view.
    Users can customize the stats that appear on the free agent page.
    MI and CR positions are now selectable.
    Stats for players on teams can be compared to stats for free agents.
    The system will retain if you were last viewing only players qualified at positions, or players listed at the selected position.
    Minimum stat requirements can be used to filter out players who don't have stats for a certain time frame.

What We Added in 2009

  • Waiver System
    We now offer a waiver system so leagues that allow owners to add players on their own have a more fair way to assign players who were dropped recently.

  • New Servers
    We are running the site on new servers so speed and reliability will be improved.

  • Default Salaries and Contracts
    The commissioner can set default salaries and contracts that will automatically be applied when players are added to teams.

  • Salary and Contract Rollovers
    Commissioners can adjust salary and contracts for the entire league at one time.

  • Printer Friendly Pages
    We have made it so that more pages are now printer friendly

  • Quicker Navigation in the Admin Tools
    There is now a team drop down box on most Admin Tools pages so the commissioner can switch between teams easily without having to go back to the Edit Teams page every time.

  • More Info on the Commissioner's Set Lineup Page
    Injury, news, and minor league indicators now appear on the Admin Tools - Set Lineup page. Also, salary and contract information are now displayed on that page.

  • Updated standings page for rotisserie and point leagues
    The Standings - Full Version page now has a grid that is sortable by category.

What We Added in 2008

  • More Flexible Transactions
    We now offer the ability to make transactions that take effect the next lineup period.

  • Improved League Homepage
    League standings and recent transactions now appear on the league homepage.

  • New Private Messaging System
    You can send messages to specific teams without having to send an email.

  • Improved Presentation of Player News
    You can hover over a player's news icon to read the first part of the news item.

  • Improved Presentation of Salary and Contract Information
    Your league's salary and contract information is shown on more pages.

  • Improved Ability to Edit Salary and Contract Information
    Commissioners can now edit salary and contract information for a team on one page.

  • Salaries and Contracts for Unlisted Players
    Unlisted players can now have salaries and contracts.

  • Improved Real-Time Stats Page
    The real-time stats page now includes an "All Teams" option.

  • Minor League Indicators
    Certain pages indicate whether or not a player is in the minors.

  • Injury Indicators
    Injury indicators appear on more pages.

  • Position Eligibility is More Clearly Displayed
    If your league uses games played by position to determine position eligibility, the positions that a player is eligible at is displayed on certain pages.

  • Better Transaction Reporting
    The transaction system has been improved to offer easier to understand transaction reports.

  • Improved Player Pool Options
    Commissioners can limit a league's player pool to certain MLB teams.

What We Added In 2007

  • Ability to Set Future Lineups
    We added the ability to set future lineups up to 1 week in advance.

  • Improved Lineup Pages
    We updated the design to show position slots, instead of just showing all the players. Commissioners have a new option for a lineup deadline (Team owners can change a player's status until that player's game for that day has started). Team owners can view their lineup after the set lineup deadline has passed. Team owners can now see the lineups for the other teams. There are new lineup views that allow owners to see lineups including - games played by position, opponents for the next week, and player stats. The lineup pages display the injury status of a player.

  • Updated Free Agent Page
    You can now sort stats for all hitters, not just certain positions. Stats can be shown for different time ranges - this year, last year, last 2 weeks, last 4 weeks.

  • Dual Commissioners
    Leagues are now allowed to have 2 commissioners.

  • Dual Team Owners
    Teams are now allowed to have 2 team owners.

What We Added in 2006

  • Improved Login System
    Instead of having to login to your team each time to make roster changes and select free agents, we've re-worked the login system so you need to login just once at the start of the season. We now set a cookie that will remember you and your leagues so you won't need to login each time.

  • Anonymous or Non-Anonymous Forums
    You can now set up your league's forum to allow for anonymous posting or have each member post with their name. We've had requests for both options over the years.

  • Improved Free Agent Listings
    We've worked hard this winter to improve the ease of use of the pages that display free agents and allow you to adjust your roster. You can now pick up free agents directly from the free agent page and we've increased the data displayed. We've also now included all the pages to edit your lineup and team settings within the main league HQ page. Now you can access all the league data quickly without having to re-login to change your roster.

What We Added in 2005

  • Position Requirements
    Leagues can set their own position-requirement rules, limiting players to positions based one games played.

  • Pitcher Designations
    Pitchers can now be designated with three positions, P, SP or RP.

  • Trade Notification
    Owners will be notified by email when a trade is offered.

  • HTH Points Standings
    Leagues can sort Head-to-Head standings by total points scored per team.

  • View Active Stats
    Stats can be viewed only for players who are currently active on a team.

  • Sortable Free-Agent Stats
    Free-agent stats are sortable by last week, last month and full season.

  • Second Email Address for Owners
    Each owner can now provide two email addresses when they set up or edit their teams.

  • Message Board Rules
    Leagues can limit only logged on users to post in the league forum.

What We Added in 2004

  • Automated free agent system
    Our software can automate the process of choosing free agents for your league without any work for the commissioner. Your league can have free agents determined by:

    Blind Claim System - Teams submit their free agent moves during the week in the form of a message to the commissioner. At a specific time, these messages become viewable to the commissioner. It is then up to the commissioner to make the transactions for the league.

    Automated Claim System - Teams submit players that they wish to add or drop. At the end of a specific day or everyday, the transactions are automatically handled based on criteria set up by the commissioner (first-come, an order set by the commissioner, or based on order in standings).

    Free Agent Budget System - Teams are given a set amount of money that they use to bid on free agents. The team that bids the most money on a free agent, gets that player. The FAAB system allows for $0 bidding or a fixed budget.

    All three of these options allow the commissioner to conduct retroactive moves and re-work anything if circumstances change. Or you can have all transactions go through your commissioner and he can input them whenever he has time.

  • League Deadlines
    We've expanded the options for weekly deadlines for roster moves. Each league can now choose the specific time and day lineups can be entered - or choose before the start of games that day.

  • Waivers
    Players that are released can be kept off the free agent market for 24 hours to 7 days, allowing your league's commissioner to enforce your league's waiver rules in the interim.

  • Trades
    Your league members can now make trade proposals through our software and complete the trades without any work for the commissioner. Our trade system allows the commissioner to set up a number of options for this process including the ability to approve all trades, make trades only on weekly deadlines and enforce a trade deadline date.

  • League Financials
    If your league charges per transaction, our system will allow you to keep track of this automatically by setting dollar values for each move.

What We Added in 2003

  • Head-to-Head Leagues
    We now offer two head-to-head league formats: head-to-head categorical and head-to-head points. You can set your own schedule for any period length and add playoff games as you see fit.

  • Set Weekly Lineup Feature
    We've improved the way team owners can enter moves each week. We now allow each league to set positional requirements and let owners enter only a maximum number of players at each position.

  • Expanded Stat Reports
    Find all the stats you need with our expanded reports: MLB year-to-date data for your players for the year, last 7 days, last 14 days and last 28 days. Totals for your active players for year-to-date, last 7 days, last 14 days and last 28 days. Totals for your reserve players for the same periods are also listed. We've also added the ability to search between any two dates for your players' stats. Plus you will find projections from RotoWire staff experts.

  • Import Data From Last Year's League
    Do you want to keep your league name, team information and player salaries and contract status from last year? No problem! Our new system allows you to choose which data you want to import from 2003.

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