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The following is an attempt to answer all of your questions about the username requirement for the RotoWire Baseball Commissioner Service. This FAQ is a work in progress - if there is something we have left uncovered, please email us at or call us at 608-310-4278.

RotoWire Username FAQ

  • Is a username and password the same as a league name and password?
    No! A username and password is used to identify one person. A league name and password is used to allow anyone with a username to claim a team in that league. Creating a username that is the same as a league name can lead to a lot of confusion.

  • Where can I get a RotoWire username?
    You can sign up for a username by clicking here

  • Why do I need to register with
    The RotoWire Baseball Commissioner requires that every league member has a username. By doing this, we'll make it easier for you to navigate the league by not requiring you to remember several passwords or need to frequently login to the page to set your lineup and pick up free agents.

  • How do I link my username to my team?
    Once you've registered for a RotoWire username, go to the 'League Login' page and enter the league name and league password. If you don't know these, please email your commissioner to obtain this info. Once you login to your league, you'll be given a list of teams in the league. Choose your team. The next time you go back to the 'League Login' page, your league will show up on the page and you'll be able to enter the league with just one click.

  • What if I'm in multiple leagues hosted by the RotoWire Baseball Comissioner?
    You'll need to link your username to a team in each league like above. Once you do the above steps for each league, all your leagues and teams will show up on the 'League Login' page.

  • Do you have to be a paying news subscriber to use the Baseball commissioner service?
    No, you don't need a subscription. You get news for your players as part of the service - but not the full service and features of a subscription to

  • Can I bookmark pages within the league?
    Once you are logged into the league and have associated your username with a team in the league, you can bookmark the league HQ page and your set lineup page as well. If you use the same computer and browser, you won't have to login again to use any feature.

  • Are there any requirements for using the RotoWire Baseball Commissioner?
    League members will need to use a browser that allows cookies. Make sure you have the "cookies" enabled on your browser. You need to allow cookies to access our site.

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