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Importing Your Data From 2018

We've built our commissioner system with last year in mind. Here is how you can import 2018 data to your new league.

You have three options when importing data from 2018

  1. Import League Information
    This allows you to import your league password, league style (categorical, points, head-to-head), whether the league uses AL, NL or both leagues, and league categories. This option does not import any of the team names, team information or the rosters from 2018.

  2. Import League & Team Information
    This allows you to import league information, plus the team information from 2018. Roster information from 2018 for each team is NOT included.

  3. Import League, Team & Roster Information
    This allows you to import league and team information, plus all the rosters of last year's teams. All players on the team, except those who where traded or released, will be imported. This also includes all salary and contract status information.

A few notes:
If you want to change the Style of your league, you should not import data from 2018. You will not be able to change the style of your league for 2019 once you import data. You are not able to import just team or player data without importing league data. Other than league style, you can change just about everything you import - so don't worry if you import more than you want or if you want to change some elements.

Just because you had a league with us in 2018 doesn't mean you will get the same league name for 2019. If someone has already signed up a league with your name from 2018, you will be asked to change your league name when you import your data. Just add a "!" or "2019" if you want the same name.

If you import team data and want to make changes (ex: drop a team), you can do this from the admin area of the 2019 league.

If you import roster information from 2018, you get all the players on a team's roster in the 2018 system as of the import date. Salary and contract information for these players will also be imported. If you want to just keep one class of players, you will need to edit each team and drop the other players from the roster once they are imported.

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