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SXM Highlights: Pump The Brakes On Trubisky
Mario tells everyone to quell future expectations on Mitchell Trubisky, despite his big game on Thursday versus Dallas.
SXM Highlights: Is Tom Brady Finally Showing His Age?
2 days ago
Liss says "I don't see really strong evidence that Tom Brady's done." Jeff isn't so sure.
SXM Highlights: Should Dallas Be a Road Favorite?
3 days ago
Jeff asks Liss, "What's Dallas done to be a road favorite here?". It's a fair question -- the Cowboys are favored by three over the Bears on Thursday night.
SXM Highlights: Will Vikings Back Mattison Over Cook This Week?
4 days ago
With a tough schedule including tests against divisional rivals and injury considerations, will Minnesota Vikings RB Alexander Mattison see more action?
SXM Highlights: Is Philip Rivers Hall of Fame Worthy?
5 days ago
A lackluster playoff record and a penchant for risky throws hurts the San Diego QB's reputation.
SXM Highlights: Will Chiefs Lose Against Raiders?
11 days ago
The Raiders could pose a threat to an unpredictable Chiefs team.
SXM Highlights: Is Rashaad Penny Finally Going to Shine?
12 days ago
After Rashaad Penny's 129 yard, 1 TD performance versus the Eagles, can we finally rely on Penny for consistent production?
SXM Highlights: Is Will Fuller a Must Start?
15 days ago
Mario explains the high upside he sees in Will Fuller, despite his drops. Joe agrees with Mario, but points out the healthy risk.
SXM Highlights:  Zach Pascal's Fantasy Value
16 days ago
How valuable is Indianapolis wide receiver Zach Pascal in fantasy football?
SXM Highlights: Explaining Goff at QB26
17 days ago
Jeff has Jared Goff ranked at QB26 for Week 12. He and Liss discuss Goff's disappointing season and the upcoming battle with the Ravens.
SXM Highlights: Is Thomas WR1 for 2020?
19 days ago
Should the Saints' Michael Thomas be the first wide receiver off the board in 2020 fantasy drafts?
SXM Highlights: Is Watson or Jackson Your Franchise QB?
23 days ago
Imagine two young, talented quarterbacks are vying to lead your franchise. Are you choosing Deshaun Watson or Lamar Jackson?
SXM Highlights: Will Kyler Murray Breakout In Week 10?
29 days ago
Will rookie Arizona QB Kyler Murray have his best performance of the season this Sunday?
SXM Highlights: Could Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers Dominate the Cardinals?
30 days ago
The Buccaneers have 0 wins at home this season, but have also impressed in a few high - scoring performances. Which team will we see this week?
SXM Highlights: Why is Chargers WR Keenan Allen struggling?
31 days ago
Are Hunter Henry and Melvin Gordon impacting Keenan Allen's performances?
SXM Highlights: Is Hopkins Regressing?
33 days ago
Is Houston WR DeAndre Hopkins regressing? Liss thinks so, and explains his logic to Jeff.
SXM Highlights: Should Dolphins be Stacked in Week 9 DFS Tournaments?
36 days ago
Stacking.....Dolphins players? With Ryan Fitzpatrick in the mix this week, John McKechnie and Mario Puig consider whether to do just that!
SXM Highlights: How Can the Ravens Beat the Pats?
37 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss tactics Lamar Jackson and the Ravens should follow to beat the Pats.
SXM Highlights: Would you cut Rams WR Brandin Cooks from your team?
38 days ago
Has Los Angeles wideout Brandin Cooks been disappointing for too long?
SXM Highlights: Love for Aaron Rodgers
40 days ago
Liss can't help expressing his love for Aaron Rodgers after Sunday Night's thriller. Imagine the what the QB's stats could be with a better receiving corps.
SXM Highlights: Is Bills QB Josh Allen a DFS option in Week 8?
43 days ago
This article is part of our SXM Highlights series.
SXM Highlights: Should We Play Ryan Tannehill in Week 8?
44 days ago
Jeff and Joe find themselves in the unique position of recommending Ryan Tannehill.
SXM Highlights: Which Chiefs Do We Trust?
58 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss who outside of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce can be trusted for the Chiefs. Hear Liss' take on Sammy Watkins.
SXM Highlights: Russell Wilson Deserves More Love
60 days ago
Liss and Jeff re-rank the QB's and give Russell Wilson more love than he received in the preseason.
SXM Highlights: Should You Drop O.J. Howard?
61 days ago
Liss and Jeff suggest dropping O.J. Howard, after expecting big things from him this Preseason.
SXM Highlights: Rest-of-Season Expectations for Todd Gurley
64 days ago
Mario and McKechs debate the rest-of-season value for Todd Gurley.
SXM Highlights: JuJu Expectations for Week 5
66 days ago
Liss and Jeff debate outcomes for JuJu Smith-Schuster in Week 5 at home versus the Ravens.
SXM Highlights: Minshew Magic Hard To Ignore
68 days ago
Liss can't resist Gardner Minshew's magic. D.J. Chark's presence helps provide reason to believe.
SXM Highlights: What's Derrick Henry's Week 4 Upside?
72 days ago
Liss and Jeff Derrick Henry's Week 4 fantasy value versus Atlanta. Can Henry become a competent receiver?
SXM Highlights: Lamar's Development, Discussed
73 days ago
Mario and Liss discuss Lamar Jackson's development through three weeks of his second season. Remember, he's only 22 years old.