Surviving Week 6

Surviving Week 6

This article is part of our Survivor series.

Well, that sucked. I had the Chiefs in my third and final Survivor pool, and while they got jobbed on a couple calls in the first half, it was tied 24-24, and the Raiders flat outplayed them at Arrowhead for the final 30 minutes. 

I faded the highly-owned Cowboys, who were on the ropes, but pulled it out, and I passed on the Saints, who barely held on to a win thanks to a missed FG by Michael Badgley at the end of regulation. 

In retrospect, the Ravens (who I had used) and the Cardinals were the best plays, though some commenters rightly suggested the Texans. (The Steelers and Seahawks won, but both were in jeopardy late, while the 49ers got crushed.)

Let's take a look at Week 6:

TeamOpponent%Taken*Vegas ML**Vegas OddsExpected Loss
GIANTSFootball Team1.40%14058.330.58

Home teams in CAPS
* According to "polling" data on 
** Average of the two moneylines                                                                  

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