Staff Picks: Backing the Ravens
Staff Picks: Backing the Ravens

This article is part of our Staff Picks series.

Stopa actually won Week 17 at 12-4. It didn't move him out of last place, but it helped the majority (11-5) and unanimous picks (3-0). Pianowski and I both went 11-5, keeping the final margin at seven games.

This week, we have no unanimous picks, but three of us (Erickson, Pianowski and me) all made the Ravens our best bets.

EricksonPianowskiLissStopaDel Don
Colts +2 at TexansTexansTexansTexansColtsTexans
Seahawks +2 at CowboysCowboysCowboysCowboysSeahawks Cowboys
Chargers +2.5 at RavensRavensRavensRavensChargers Ravens
Eagles +6 at BearsBearsEaglesBearsBearsBears
Best BetRavensRavensRavensColtsBears
Last Week's Record8-811-511-512-49-7
2018 Record125-122-9134-113-9141-106-9117-130-9120-127-9
Best Bet Record12-511-610-78-8-17-9-1
2017 Best Bet Record8-7-29-7-112-4-18-7-211-6
Unanimous Pick Record26-21-1
Majority Pick Record132-115-9
2017 Playoff Record5-65-65-67-42-9
2016 Playoff Record6-55-66-54-76-5
2015 Playoff Record5-62-93-82-91-10
2014 Playoff Record10-15-69-24-79-2
2013 Playoff Record5-4-23-6-24-5-24-5-24-5-2
2012 Playoff Record4-6-15-5-16-4-14-6-18-2-1
2011 Playoff Record8-35-69-26-57-4
2010 Playoff Record6-55-65-67-48-3
2009 Playoff Record5-64-71-106-55-6
2008 Playoff Record6-55-65-68-34-7
2007 Playoff Record8-33-86-5N/A2-9
2006 Playoff Record7-4N/A4-7N/AN/A
2005 Playoff Record5-6N/A
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