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Tapioca at the Accenture Match Play - Day 2

Day 1 was bloody (1-2), though at least Carl Pettersson closed his match out this morning. We trudge forward. All units are in jelly beans - for entertainment purposes only.

>> Garrigus over Oosthuizen, 100 to win 120

Fearless player, mad bomber, dangerous in this format.

>> Sterne over Mahan, 100 to win 130

Check Sterne's European results, he's healthy and confident again.

>> Poulter over Van Pelt, 135 to win 100

The best match-play golfer in the world at this reasonable price? Yes, please.

>> Round 1 Advancer over Charles Howell, 100-base play

I dare Howell to putt that well for two days in a row. Satisfaction and a letdown might come after the Tiger upset.

>> Hanson over Simpson, 100 to win 125

Enjoy, and good luck,.