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NBA Daily Games Review: Why You Should Trust Me

Why Should You Trust Me

Most nights it takes between 240 and 250 fantasy points to win a 50-50 league on DraftKings. With your $50,000 salary cap, that means that if you can reliably score 5 points for every $1,000 spent, you should be able to win every night.

In an effort to be forthright about my thought process, every time I write our Daily Games Cheat Sheet, I will also do a blog post here the next day, in which I will report on how my last set of recommendations fared. If you want to read my recomendations for Thursday's games, go here and click on Thursday's article.

Players will be measured according to their points per $1,000, for which I will use the abbreviation "p/K". For example, if a player cost $3,000 and scored 30 fantasy points, their p/K would be 10. Any player with a p/K at or above 4.8 is an above-average value. Players with a p/K between 4.0-4.8 will keep a team competitive. Players with a p/K below 4.0 are disappointing, and below 3.5 are harmful to your roster.

In Wednesday's article, I recommended 15 players for use:

  • Nine players (60% of those recommended) recorded p/K values above 4.8.
  • Seven players (47%) recorded p/K values greater than 6.0.
  • One player (7%) recorded a p/K between 4.0-4.8.
  • Three players (20%) recorded p/K values below 3.5.
  • The best recommendation was Tony Wroten, who recorded a p/K of 10.8.
  • The worst was Carlos Boozer, who played only 23 minutes and earned a lowly 1.2 p/K.

Overall, 67 percent of my recommendations were of competitive value or better, 60 percent were actively helpful, and 30 percent were damaging.

The team that I entered Wednesday on DraftKings was created using only players highlighted in my Wednesday article. It scored 297 points for an overall p/K of 5.94.

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