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Wednesday Fantasy Pickup: Matt Adams, 1B, Cardinals

Remember when we were all in love with Matt Adams, back before he turned into a competent-but-unexciting platoon player instead of a power-hitting stud at first base? Well, allow me to present Matt Adams 2.0 – a new version with several bug fixes. He's still currently occupying a platoon role, but there's a very interesting "but" here: Adams has experienced success in his small sample of 19 at-bats against lefties, socking two doubles and a homer among six hits – a .316 average that's a near mirror to his .315 against righties. Yes, he's feasted on right-handed pitchers even more than usual this year. The 27-year-old's started utilizing his power better by hitting the ball in the air rather than on the ground, and he's hitting it harder than ever before in his career – a 41.5 percent hard-hit rate that would tie Josh Donaldson for 10th in all of baseball if Adams had enough at-bats to qualify. If he starts getting more chances against lefties – and with Brandon Moss hitting .214, hey, he might – it's exciting to think what Adams could do with full-time at-bats.

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