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The Z Files: A Look at Spin Rate
5 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at the physics behind spin rate and pitch movement and examines some of the factors driving Lucas Giolito's breakout campaign.
The Z Files: Average Exit Velocity and Launch Angle
12 days ago
Todd Zola discusses how looking at the averages for exit velocity and launch angle can present an incomplete picture, and analyzes what's driving the power surge of players like Cody Bellinger.
The Z Files: Keeper and Dynasty League Dynamics
19 days ago
Todd Zola offers some tips on how to handle trade season in keeper and dynasty leagues and stresses the importance of determining whether aging aces like Justin Verlander fit your target window for success.
The Z Files: Changing Expectations, Part 2
26 days ago
Todd Zola follows up last week's batch of hitters who have changed their baseline expectations with pitchers who have done the same, including the Reds' Luis Castillo.
The Z Files: Changing Expectations
33 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at hitters like the Dodgers' Cody Bellinger who have moved the needle the most since the preseason, for better or for worse.
The Z Files: Second Chances
40 days ago
Todd Zola looks at the pre and post-Memorial Day hitting leaderboards from 2018 to examine how much fortunes can change over the rest of the season, as they did last year for Max Muncy.
The Z Files: Oh, What a Relief It... Isn't?
47 days ago
Todd Zola takes another look at the value of high-strikeout middle relievers, such as the Mets' Seth Lugo, in the current run-scoring environment.
The Z Files: Early Playing Time Beneficiaries
54 days ago
Todd Zola looks at players who are well ahead of their preseason playing time projections and doesn't think Luke Voit is coming out of the Yankees' lineup any time soon.
The Z Files: Pilfering Points
62 days ago
Todd Zola analyzes the factors that could help predict which teams will be more active on the basepaths and where to look for help in steals if you weren't able roster a proven speedster like Dee Gordon.
The Z Files: Third Time Is the Charm
69 days ago
Todd Zola looks at some early pitching performances that have forced him to reconsider his rest-of-season projections, including an impressive start for Luis Castillo.
The Z Files: Early Season Musings
76 days ago
Todd Zola looks at some emerging trends and interesting angles from the first week-plus of baseball and recommends not giving up too quickly on Chris Sale.
The Z Files: A Daily Moves League Case Study
83 days ago
Todd Zola gives a glimpse at how to take advantage of your league's rule set by explaining why he built a pitching staff around dominant middle relievers such as Chad Green.
The Z Files: Best of Both Worlds
90 days ago
Todd Zola professes his love for season-long DFS leagues, a format that avoids the havoc injuries to key players like Chris Sale can wreak on your chances of success.
The Z Files: The Myth of Overspending
98 days ago
Todd Zola breaks down why and how conventional valuation systems break down, and examines what it really means to overpay in an auction for an elite hitter like Christian Yelich.
The Z Files: How To Create an Auction Budget
104 days ago
Todd Zola discusses his method of prepping for an auction and how he was able to adjust on the fly in AL LABR when the bidding for aces like Justin Verlander got too pricey.
Auction Strategy Primer
111 days ago
Todd Zola offers some tips for navigating auctions and suggests having a purpose for every nomination, such as tossing Max Scherzer out early to establish a ceiling on ace salaries.
Freeze List Tips
Freeze List Tips
118 days ago
118 days ago
Todd Zola examines some overlooked factors in putting together freeze lists in keeper and dynasty leagues, including the hidden cost of blocking your utility spot with a player like Khris Davis.
In Defense of Being Bearish
125 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at a couple of young stars he has ranked below their current market price, including the Braves' Ronald Acuna.
Building an Aceless Staff
132 days ago
Todd Zola looks at what it would take to build a competitive pitching staff without using early picks on true aces and focuses on upside arms like Zack Wheeler.
Practice What You Preach
139 days ago
Todd Zola looks at a couple of recent drafts in which he avoided chasing aces early, and instead found himself with Mike Foltynewicz topping his staff.
Chasing Aces
Chasing Aces
146 days ago
146 days ago
Todd Zola dives into the numbers to take a look at whether it's really necessary to grab an ace like Chris Sale with an early-round pick.
Hacking the System
Hacking the System
153 days ago
153 days ago
Todd Zola looks at a number of hitters who may be undervalued once you account for the stats accumulated by their temporary replacements on an active roster, such as the Rays' Tommy Pham.
The Truth About Tiered Drafting
160 days ago
Todd Zola explains how to utilize a tiered ranking of the player pool and when it might make sense to pass up Whit Merrifield for a player with similar value but a different skill set.
Finding Profit At the Margins
167 days ago
Todd Zola looks at how profitable some common draft strategies can be, including how much extra value multi-position eligibility is worth for players like Javier Baez.
Does Defense Matter?
Does Defense Matter?
173 days ago
173 days ago
Todd Zola examines how far we've come with analyzing how glove work can impact a pitcher's performance and whether it's worth getting into the weeds on how much an A's defense led by Matt Chapman can swing BABIP for Oakland hurlers.
Historical Draft Slot Values
180 days ago
Todd Zola looks at the average expected earnings for each slot in a snake draft and explains why drafting No. 1 doesn't always guarantee victory.
Drafting a Pitching Staff
188 days ago
Todd Zola walks through how he assembles a fantasy pitching staff and explains why Max Scherzer is the only hurler to get a pre-draft plan named after him.
Catching Targets
Catching Targets
195 days ago
195 days ago
Todd Zola looks for early-draft value at fantasy's weakest position and finds he's a little more optimistic than the market on Salvador Perez.
Early Market Disagreements Part Two
201 days ago
Todd Zola looks at five players he's not willing to spend current market price on, including rising Rays ace Blake Snell.
Early Market Disagreements
208 days ago
Todd Zola takes another look at five players he's more bullish on than the market right now, and thinks a better season from the Arizona offense could help Paul Goldschmidt regain some of his luster.